12 Things That Still Need to Change for Women in the Workplace

Has feminism accomplished as much as it can accomplish?

The feminist movement of the 1970’s did some good, maybe some bad, certainly was associated with some trivial things. (I don’t need padding, and I appreciate a good bra.)

We got the ideal of equal pay, if not the reality. We shifted society from the stereotype that women aren’t intelligent to the stereotype that women are more intelligent. We even persuaded men that they’re supposed to do half the housework. So, should we just kick back and be delighted that our battles have been won?

I don’t think so.

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The 12 Things That Still Need to Change

  1. I want the reality of equal pay, not just the ideal. Mmm…does that mean that, if I want to get paid as much as a coder or programmer, I should learn coding or programming? Well, yes; part of feminist change always came from within women.
  2. I want people to look at me less, and listen to me more. Even Sarah Palin deserves to have more buzz about what she’s said and done than about how she looks.
  3. I want the freedom to look the way I really do look, not worrying about white hair or lipstick or any of that kind of distractions. I want people to respect my grey hair, if I have it and let it show, as the sign of maturity and experience it is.
  4. I want to see more women at the top. A presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin? Why aren’t there more choices? I think it’s great that Marissa Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo! Why is that still even a news item?
  5. I’d appreciate more attention, from other women, to the ideal of sisterhood. We still hold other women to a higher standard than men. Too many women don’t say “Hillary seems moderate and pro-corporations, just like Bill, and I wish she were more radical,” even when that’s what they said about Bill Clinton. They’re all, “Anybody but Hillary…except Sarah, don’t even mention, I hate her.” I can so count on their loyalty if I do anything big–not!
  6. According to this Pew study ( http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2013/12/11/10-findings-about-women-in-the-workplace/ ), men no longer agree that being male is a big advantage in terms of success and promotions. Maybe that’s true; maybe being male is a disadvantage for men who don’t fit the right stereotype. But look at the way we still react to women who don’t fit the stereotype, like Sandra Bland sounding–not even all that angry, really.
  7. What happened to Women’s Studies? Maybe not as a major, but it should at least have stayed in the curriculum. I’m still reading women writers because I still find them relevant. I’m finding some cool contemporary women writers online. Alice Walker has a blog!

  8. Why do I still have to read Alice Walker’s blog only on lunch hour? Why am I still punching a time clock, being paid for “hours of face time,” like some nineteenth century mill hand, instead of telecommuting and multitasking and getting paid for what I actually accomplish?
  9. Men are having their hours cut back to part-time too, but I see that happening to women more than men.
  10. I’d be paid for what I accomplished if I owned my own business. Why is that so much more difficult than it used to be?
  11. Day care is not my issue, so why is it still a “women’s” issue? Why is it an issue at all? Women who telecommute can monitor their babies from their home offices.
  12. I suppose we can blame the macho-man stereotype for men not talking about violent criminals attacking men more often, and more fatally, than they do women. That would explain why I’m the one who gets told I shouldn’t walk down a street–even as an excuse for me not getting a job assignment. But where did we get the idea that the solution to violent crime was for decent people to cower in fear? Why aren’t we all telling the criminals that they shouldn’t be on the street?


I think women still need to work for major changes.

I think “women’s studies” and “women’s bookstores” should still be for all women, not only lesbians. So, should we call ourselves feminists, or choose a new name? Share your thoughts, please!


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Best Companies to Work For As A Woman

Women wear numerous hats in today’s fast-paced world. They are far more than just wives, lovers, and mothers. They are also, many other things, as well. They are daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, and godmothers.

Most importantly, to themselves, they are also an accomplished leader or successful in the working world too. Because women are many things to themselves and the world around them. They should also be, all they can be, in the work place. This means finding the right kind of career that will define them, not just as women, but also as highly capable and talented working women.

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Because women are made to be strong and versatile. They should be the same in the workplace. What this translates to this. They should work for a company that will understand them for all that they are. It shouldn’t be just about them being there to care for the job and that is it. They need to be there for their families too. A woman that can be a successful and effective woman all around is the best woman to be for herself and those she values the most. This does include the job too. With all of this said, what are the best companies to work for as a woman, and to be all of the woman you were meant to be in essence? Read on to learn the answer. Some great insight will be provided here for all the gals out there.

One of the most prominent of all industries that women do seem to be a power force in is no other than healthcare. Women do account for a truly amazing and whopping 80% of the health system’s workforce. Something that is awesome in its own right and for its own reasons. Therefore, some of the companies, which do hire women, do hire them because they are extremely talented and gifted for many positions that they do have available.

About 63% of leadership positions in the health industry are being held by various women. These women are all great and destined for greatness. It goes way beyond them just being female too. Some of the best companies to work for as a woman are those of the healthcare variety.

According to Forbes, these are some of the best healthcare companies for a woman to work for, because they encourage a woman to be a woman first. This means her being a wife and mother, in addition, to being an employee working for them. They make for well-rounded women on all fronts.


Here are three of the top companies in the health industry for women to consider working for. They are:

  1. Meridian Health – This company openly encourages women to work while having a family. They pay for onsite childcare that is very affordable.
  1. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta – Children’s is obviously geared towards the family. They are a full service pediatric hospital that offers $10,000 for adoption benefits, telecommuting, job sharing, flexible scheduling, and also good pay time-off for all those who are employees and new parents.

These are just a sample of the many of the best companies to work for as a woman. Some of the other industries that women seem to flourish in, and also dominate in leadership roles, is no other than that of the legal field, the retail field, and the pharmaceutical industry. The best companies to work for a woman are many and the door is wide open to all those very talented females who have many defining skills as a rule.


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Top 10 Cars Purchased By Women in 2015

Top 10 Cars Purchased By Women in 2015

Cars for Women

There are some certain brands that women prefer and tend to mostly own. Some of the determinant factors include the price, usability and efficiency of the car. The cars below top the list of cars purchased by women because of some of these reasons:


Women show a preference for Mazda cars. Mazda models pay attention to size and efficiency. They tend to be smaller in size and do not fuse much about the engine-power. These qualities fail to auger with men but are what women are looking for.



Nissan has a variety of models. Some of them appeal to women while others to men. All in all, the overall sells show that more women than men purchase this make. Nissan boasts of models such as the Juke, the Sentra, the Leaf and the Versa Note.


Cars from Chrysler also appeal more to women than men. Men like the Dodge and Ram while women the Chrysler. Dodges have better performance whereas Chryslers are modest, mild-mannered and reserved. They are also comfortable and result in a good driving experience.


Honda makes very alluring cars and no-wonder the pool of female buyers runs to it. It is also a practical car. Additionally, these cars have smaller bodies that are workable and efficient. These are characteristics that women love. More women buy this car than men.

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The Volkswagen Beetle received higher purchases from women. Men lean more towards the Audi and Volkswagen Touareg. In general, women buy over 50 percent of the Volkswagen models. This seems to imply that women tend towards modest and practical cars. They are not drawn much to speed and performance.


The Mini came into the market under the BMW brand. It is largely a feminine make based on the number of purchases. Even the large and sport-like versions also appear cute, small and have a city-car attitude.


The Toyota Scion has a wide female market appeal. Approximately 58 percent of women purchase Scion in comparison to men. This car was intended for the youth but ended up resonating well with women. These cars are affordable although they look like sports cars.


Saturn car received huge purchases from women. This car was very affordable and practical. Its performance was low in comparison to other cars but that did not matter much to women.



Women also prefer the Hyundai cars. The purchases of these cars have however declined a bit because of the upscale in the pricing. Women bought about 67 percent of the Hyundai cars in 2015. However the Equus and Genesis models appealed to men.


A number of women have purchased the Kia-branded vehicle than men. Kia-branded cars are a good deal and sell better than the Hyundai.

Women and Cars


In comparison to women, men bought 90 percent of all the high-end cars. This means that you are more likely to find a man driving a deluxe high performance car that attracts a six-figure price than a woman. This also speaks volumes about the wealthy women; women’s spending patterns and men’s spending patterns. Women prefer to spend money on other needs than on luxury cars.